Fibonacci Spiral – Ranunculus Red on Green.

Fibonacci Spiral – Ranunculus Red on Green by Jason Swain. It’s the first year we’ve had Ranunculus growing in our garden and i’m loving photographing them. There seems to be a lot of variety and possibilities as they unveil themselves to the world.

I’m drawn here to the strong complimentary colours of the red / orange bloom on the green background, that and the swirliness ( Fibonacci Spiral ) of the petals and of course the bokeh created by shooting at such a shallow depth of field.

Ranunculus + Macro + Adobe Lightroom = Colourful and fun results.

Shot with the Canon f/2.8 100mm macro lens on a Canon 6D camera body.

Exif Data = f/2.8 at 1/200 iso100 100mm

Fibonacci Spiral – Ranunculus Red on Green., originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing.

Fibonacci Spiral - Ranunculus Red on Green.

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