Floral & Botanical Photography Website.

Welcome to the Floral & Botanical Photography Website of Isle of Wight based photographer Jason Swain.

The site is designed to be a showcase of my floral & botanical photography as well as promoting the natural beauty of the Isle of Wight. On the site you will find a frequently updated blog that is fed from my flickr pages, and a floral photo gallery that comes straight from my portfolio website (www.jasonswain.co.uk)

Botanical Photography Website. You can also read a little interview with me from the February 2012 edition of Advanced photographer Magazine, where i talk about creative still life photography work, focusing on floral photography shot with the lensbaby. Click here to download a free pdf article on ‘Creative Still Life Photography’

Here’s a little snippet where i talk about how i got into photography….

“My relationship with photography began at a young age, i’ve used cameras for as long as i can remember, it started out as a way of capturing and composing ideas for my paintings using traditional media (Oil & Watercolour landscapes) and as inspirations for my graphic design ideas.

Slowly over the years, it grew on me as an art form in its own right, i loved the immediacy and energy of the medium, and it was a series of shots taken on my travels in Peru that I first felt were interesting enough to stand on their own to be viewed as ‘Art’.

After travelling the world extensively, I settled on the Isle of Wight in the 90’s, immersing myself in the wild and beautiful coastline of the west wight. It’s the meeting of land and sea along that coast, and the activity that flourishes in the small places between them, that provides my daily inspiration. The ever changing weather and light creates endless creative possibilities for landscapes & floral photography.”


Although this site is all about the flowers, i do shoot lots of other things too, and you can keep up with my daily photographic blogs on flickrtwitter and facebook, or get in touch directly via email: photo@jasonswain.co.uk

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