Long exposure poppy experiments #1 of 6.

Trying something a little different again this morning. After last weeks aperture games, todays is a long exposure poppy experiment.  Using the ND 11 filter on the Canon 24-70L (the z-pro filter holder doesn’t fit on my 50mm f1.2L) i tried a whole series of exposures from 1/4 of a second up to 45 seconds on a bright and windy day. Looking back on the results, out of all the settings tried, it was the relatively short exposure time of 0.8 second at Aperture f/2.8 that produced the most appealing images for me.

Be interested to hear what you think, i don’t think i got anything as immediately strong as last weeks work, so I have decided to edit them into faux TTV Art Squares, probably best seen together as a triptych on canvas panels.

Long exposure poppy experiments #1 of 6., originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing.

Long exposure poppy

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