Sea Holly Macro

It’s been way too long since I last uploaded any floral shots, so i was really pleased to have a chance to photograph some amazing Sea Holly (Eryngium maritimum) flowers earlier this week.

I tried out several lens and lighting combinations, i think the strongest set of shots come from using the 100mm f2.8 canon macro with a polaroid ringflash hung off my 430ex speedlite, but in the end the most beautiful shots come from my old manual 2.0 lensbaby and a dash of natural sunlight.

This one shown here was taken with the macro lens and flash, but there will be some lensbaby shots to follow shortly.

And whilst looking up the latin name on Wikipedia, i found the following fascinating little extract …
In Elizabethan times in England, these plants were believed to be a strong aphrodisiac. They are named in a speech by Falstaff:

“Let the sky rain potatoes;
let it thunder to the tune of Green-sleeves,
hail kissing-comfits and snow eringoes [sea-holly],
let there come a tempest of provocation…”

—Falstaff, Act 5, scene v, “The Merry Wives of Windsor”, William Shakespeare

Let the sky rain potatoes – Sea Holly Macro, originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing.

Sea Holly Macro

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