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Backlit Yellow Poppies

Yellow poppies

Backlit Yellow Poppies by Jason Swain. I’ve been looking back through the recent archives at a few floral shots that were overlooked in the summer, colour was all around me then and they seemed run of the mill, but on these dark and grey winter days, they seem ridiculously colourful and vibrant. Exif data = f/2.8 […]

Bring me sunshine – Backlit Wild Daisies.

Bring me sunshine

Bring me sunshine –  Backlit Wild Daisies. by Jason Swain. Another beautiful morning here on the Isle of Wight, so i chose something suitably bright to go with the wonderful sunshine we are having right now. Also because its blue, and i always like to share something to blow away those monday blues , and also because the […]

Backlit Bokeh Wednesday

backlit bokeh

One from the archive shot with the old nifty fifty (Canon 50mm f1.8), i might have to learn to love it again as i’m probably not getting the f1.2 anytime soon. Still the Backlit Bokeh works pretty well here at f1.8 and with decent light the little lens still performs very well. Backlit Bokeh Wednesday, originally uploaded […]

Capturing Magic (hour) at

Capturing Magic (hour) at, originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing. My photo ‘Golden Light at ‘Magic hour’ taken on Tennyson Down in Freshwater has been chosen for the new Dutch website the site has a theme ‘capturing magic’ which would explain why this particular image was selected.

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