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1/125 is a long exposure if you’re a bee.

1/125 is a long exposure if you're a bee.

By Jason Swain. So many photos so little time, so its a second post of the day from me, and still with the 50mm poppy project. Working through the apertures i’ve worked my way up to f9.0 now, and with the narrower aperture I had to slow things down to let enough light in, and […]

Pink Poppy Pollen Party

Pink Pollen Party

Another shot from my experimental series with my new Canon 50mm f1.2L. Now working my way up through the apertures. Made if to f1.8 when i saw this in the viewfinder! Two bees were¬†simultaneously¬†attending to this poppy and the backlighting helped me see, and catch the clouds of pollen they were throwing up with their […]

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