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Backlit Yellow Poppies

Yellow poppies

Backlit Yellow Poppies by Jason Swain. I’ve been looking back through the recent archives at a few floral shots that were overlooked in the summer, colour was all around me then and they seemed run of the mill, but on these dark and grey winter days, they seem ridiculously colourful and vibrant. Exif data = f/2.8 […]

Beauty and the Beast – Chuggypig & Common Daisy

Common Daisy

Beauty and the Beast – Chuggypig & Common Daisy by Jason Swain. Macro study of a common daisy plus guest on my garden lawn. I definitely go through seasonal phases with my photography and the beginning of summer (well in name at least if not because of much actual sunshine) will often find me crawling around […]

Euphorbia Blues


Euphorbia Blues by Jason Swain. It’s Monday, but the sun is shining and its a holiday here in the UK, so here’s some colour to celebrate! My first time using the Macro lens (Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM) on the full frame Canon 6D camera body, and as i’m finding with all the lenses, they all […]

50mm of Spring (part 2) Daffodils


By Jason Swain. Second in todays long overdue return to flower photos, again there’s nothing too fancy here, just a couple of humble daffodils, backlit by the early morning sun, shot with a 50mm at f1.2 for a nice shallow depth of field effect. 50mm of Spring part two -Daffodils, originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing. ———————————– […]

50mm of Spring – Daffodil

50mm of Spring - Daffodil

About time i took some more flower photos, nothing too fancy here, just a humble daffodil enjoying the morning sun. Shot with a very shallow DoF on the borrowed 50mm at f1.2, and with a little grain added during post production in Adobe Lightroom. 50mm of Spring – Daffodil, originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing. ———————————– ©2012 Jason […]

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